2013 Already off to a bang!!!

Over 30 new and returning team members participated in the 2013 Kick Off Meeting on December 10th at Blue Canyon Grill [Underground], in Golden, CO.   WOW!

It was an awesome evening.  We had 3 guests to speak with the team about opportunities to help their training and racing.   We look forward to working with them in 2013:

  • John Polli, President/, Peak Cycles/Bikeparts.com
  • FasCat Coaching, President, Frank Overton
  • MountainSage Wellness, President, Anita Boehm

Thanks Team, and John, Frank, and Anita, for making it a fun and exciting meeting. Soon, we will be ordering our team clothing and Specialized bikes and equipment.   Until next time… Have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

2013 Team Kick Off Meeting

Monday, December 10, 2013 at Blue Canyon Grill Underground in Golden from 6:30P 9:00P

We’ll be covering a bunch of topics such as:

  • Member dues, application and waiver forms
  • Team clothing fit kits and ordering
  • Information and promotions on bikes, equipment, coaching, and wellness

Don’t be late! Complimentary beverages and appetizers, too
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